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Matt Adams

From: Matt Adams
Date: Tuesday, 3:38PM
It’s unfortunate, but no one really teaches us how to date or how to find, keep and maintain a good relationship. There are no classes in school, conversations with our parents are awkward when we’re teenagers, we don’t really understand what they’re trying to tell us, and aside from our friends, who are clueless as we are, there’s really nowhere else to turn to. 
Until Now…
Let me briefly to you my personal story and maybe you can relate to me in some way.

My Story…

I was 25 when we started working together. We were both in relationships that weren’t serving each other anymore. We were lonely, felt unloved, attracted to each other, had respect for each other, had many similar interests, and we were spending more and more time together. It was a recipe for disaster, but neither of us knew it.
But we fell in love. We got closer to each other, and we felt like it was us against the whole world. First I left my girlfriend, and 3 weeks later she left her husband. We were determined to make it work. We moved in together. We decided we’d get married eventually.
The next 2 and half years would be the worst relationship of my life. Turns out she was a compulsive liar. I was lied to and manipulated over and over again, and being the love-dummy I was, kept putting up with her and asking for more. Why? Truthfully I didn’t have any respect for myself, and I didn’t even know it.
Does that sound familiar? Now let me share with you how I changed everything…

My Radical Change…

Eventually I got out of it, but when it came right down to it, the poor relationship wasn’t about what she did to me, it was about my own failures. And after I left the relationship, I realized I needed to do a lot of work on myself. I needed an education in dating in relationships.
I started reading books, listening to interviews, reading more books, watching videos, etc. I was taking in so much information, but I was confused. I had no idea what to do with everything I was absorbing. So even though I was learning a lot, I still had no idea what to actually do with anything I learned.
I ran in that circle for about 9 months, and then I found a dating class. The offer was simple. Sign up, show up, do the assignments I was given, and the results would come. Of course I was skeptical, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t… But I also had nothing to lose, so I signed up immediately.

Pushing Through The Pain…

The first 3 weeks were really easy, but then I had one assignment that would change my life forever. It seemed so easy and because everything else I had done in the class up to that point was easy, I thought this would be too.
My assignment was to get 3 phone numbers. As simple as it sounds, it was one of the hardest things I’d ever done. Why? Because I was scared, and for me to complete the assignment and stay in the class, I’d have to face my fears head on and get them.
But what did I learn from this assignment? It wasn’t about getting phone numbers, honestly. The most important thing I learned was that I had to do something I’d never done in order to get something I’d never gotten. I didn’t need to change my self per se, I needed to change my strategy.

The Results Are In…

After 9 or 10 weeks in the class, I had more dates than I knew what to do with. And I’m not saying that to brag or impress you, but rather to impress upon you that drastic change is possible, and dating skills can be learned in a short amount of time. 
But why did I need a dating class to begin with if I was studying and learning so much? Because even though I was collecting all of the pieces of the puzzle, I still didn’t know what the cover on the puzzle box looked like. And that’s what getting educated did for me… it gave me the picture on the box cover that I so desperately needed.
Since I was handed the picture on the puzzle box, I have gone on to have wonderful relationships, but I never stopped learning. Eventually all of my friends were asking me to help them, and eventually enough of them convinced me to take helping others full time. So here I am today, sharing my wealth of knowledge with you.

Sign Up Now…

So if you’re as tired of the same old, same old as I was… If you’re as frustrated with you’re dating life as I was… If you’re hopelessly looking for the picture on the puzzle box like I was, then sign up now, you have nothing to lose. When you start your education now, you too can start seeing the results in just a few weeks time.  ..
We have a 60-day, money back guarantee that you can trust. I’m so sure that if you put what you learn into action and you do the assignments, you will see the results. And if you take action and you still don’t see the results, I’ll give you your money back.
All my best,
~Matt Adams

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