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Hot New Dating Technologies

Whether you’re actively dating or have been out of the dating scene for years, you’ll benefit from these right away. Discover the newest, hottest dating tips right now.

Personalized Solutions

You’re unique, and so is your situation. You deserve customized solutions and feedback that fit your unique circumstances. We support your inevitable success.

Lifetime Membership

Dating skills, like relationships, are based on healthy habits, which take time to develop. That’s why we offer a lifetime membership of support, community, and all the building blocks you need to rock your love life.

Alluring Articles

The seductive art of discovering your true self and your new lover, mastering your unique love-style, and creating captivating conversations – are just a few of the juicy morsels that await you here!

Virtual Video Vibes

You Have Questions? We Have Answers!
This is where we get up close and personal answering your dating questions. In this video series of candid conversations, our master dating coach offers intimate insights and tantalizing tips you have to eves-drop on… shhhhh!

Sexy Seminars

The only thing steamier than these seminars will be YOU after you put these sensual strategies into action! We are letting you sneak into these exclusive events that others paid top $$ to attend – so hurry in and take your seat in the front row.

Wildly Candid Webinars

When you’re ready to get REAL…real answers, real feedback, real honesty, and real interaction, with a real dating coach – then this is where you need to be! Tune in to our Wildly Candid Webinar presentations & participate in live Q&A sessions. And if you miss one, no worries – just listen to the instant replay later.

Dynamic Dating Books

Dive deeper into the inner world and workings of dating psychology in our ever-expanding library of digital books. Here you can discover revealing dating secrets like the type of ‘dating persona’ you have, or if you have limiting beliefs that are keeping you from love. New books released each month!

Quicksilver Courses

These courses are designed with you in mind. When you’re looking for quick, easy, bite-sized strategies you can use TODAY – these power-packed mini courses are exactly what you need to satisfy your need for speed!

Member Forums

YOU are the most valuable addition to this hot new tribe of love seekers! That’s why we created this cool hang-out area for you to mingle with other members, ask questions, share videos, articles, make friends, and more… There’s no limit to the amount of awesomeness the community will manifest!

Focused Friends

Being part of a community means making new friends, and when your new friends are just as focused on love as you are, you feel completely supported. All your new friends are already here – waiting for you… So start letting them know you’re here and ready to rock the dating scene with them!

Groups Gone Wild

Whatever lights you up, taps you in, turns you on…this is your place! Create your own group of like-spirited love seekers – on any topic YOU want. Invite as many or as few people as you wish to your own private play place.

Private Messages

Sometimes you may have questions of a private nature for the dating coach. Or maybe there’s someone you want to connect with. Send them a private message and create something wonderful.

Hot Seat Coaching

Listen in *live* as every few weeks a new member is chosen at random to be put into the Dating Hot Seat and spill their guts about what’s going wrong in their dating life. Hear them squirm and writhe as they as are called out and coached on their “stuff” and work through their roadblocks. Take away the valuable lessons and apply them to your own life.

Inspirational Interviews

There are many different viewpoints and perspectives, and every guru has something different to share. All of it equally valuable. Download the interviews and listen to them at your convenience.

Guest Blogs

Take what you need and leave the rest, as love guru’s fire off guest blogs. Having more than one perspective on love is absolutely priceless because there are so many ways to get results.

Dating Site & App Reviews

The dating world is always evolving, and it’s hard to keep up with the latest dating sites and apps. If you’re going to be successful, you need to evolve too. We review the latest dating trends so you don’t waste your time with useless tools. Literally. 😉

Live Group Chat

Make new friends when you login and join the chatter! Flirt, chat, share tips, ask questions, and get answers LIVE with other love bunnies who are logged into the site. .



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