About Us

Created by Boston-based dating and relationship guru Matt Adams, Go Out With Me dot com is a worldwide, members-only site providing men and women with dating and relationship education. We are your personal educators, your private support system, and the professional love gurus you’ve always wanted and needed.

Once you’ve joined our online love community, you’ll find a vast wealth of knowledge of all things dating and relationships. We’ve compiled the latest, cutting edge articles, blogs, videos, digital books, private research and findings, courses, classes, live member Q&A’s. You can ask dating and relationship questions any time and get answers from other members or even get personalized answers by the gurus. There are also many self-assessment tools to help guide you to the next steps in your personal quest for true love.

Our Philosophy 

Let’s create more love in the world…

We believe the old adage “just be yourself” is the single most useless piece of advice you can get, because just being yourself isn’t enough. If it was, you’d already have everything you wanted – wouldn’t you? Instead, we believe that dating and relationships are a mission of self-discovery and self-development. We strive to help all the lovers of the world evolve into their best selves; to unlock and unleash their ultimate self from within.

Much of the dating advice found online is generalized, one-size fits all, and lacking in specific detail. It often applies to certain situations and not the vast majority of others. Go Out With Me Dot Com’s unique approach to dating and relationships comes from the perspective of “healing”. We don’t just aim to relieve the symptoms, we dig deeper into the underlying sources of the issues to heal them, in turn dissolving the symptoms altogether. We believe that you already have everything you need inside of you to be successful at finding love. Our job is to assist you in making those internal connections and releasing your hidden potential, so you can grow into the irresistible relationship magnet you are meant to be.

Mission Statement 

Our mission is to create more love in the world through self-develop, healing, and coaching lovers to attract and keep the relationship they’ve always wanted.

You can learn anything you want in this world, if you just have the right teacher. There are no classes on love and relationships in school, and we are often left to figure it out by ourselves, often with friends or family who are no better at it than we are.

That is why we have dedicated our lives to learning all that we can about love, and to pass the knowledge and skills on to you.

Meet  Our Team

Matt Adams

Founder – Senior Coach

Matt has been a dating and relationship coach since 2008, is a father of 2 boys aged 13 and 15, has a degree in cosmetology, and runs a social Meetup group in Boston.


Alex M.

Jr. Coach

Alex is a soldier currently in the Army Reserves who toured Iraq, a former student of Matt’s, a love coach in training and has a wonderful relationship with his long-term girlfriend.




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